BBC's 'Power of Nightmares'

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I was just browsing the documentaries on Netflix, and I found a title that seems to suit my new-found penchant for conspiracy theorizing. It's the BBC's Power of Nightmares Series, and unfortunately, it's one of the few documentaries on Netflix for which there's a waiting list.

But wait! Ben Metcalf, Project Lead for (and a kind chap, for recently linking to me) points to the fact that these 3 films are available for viewing (or if you're sneaky, downloading) on Google Video. Not sure where they came from, but have at it.

Get 'em while they're hot!

That said, I would like to point out that I don't necessarily agree with these documentaries. I feel like - to a certain extent - our fears are exploited by the government and the media. However, the statistics are clear, history is clear that fundamental Islam (including Muslim scripture) is the source of a majority of terrorism? Why? Because Mohammed himself encouraged it, and the Qu'ran does the same. Not only that, but the BBC is blatantly pro-Muslim, anti-Christian. That's more than clear. I'll be discussing this in more detail (with references and statistics) in the future. In the meantime, get what you can out of these documentaries, even if it is just a glimpse at the BBC's allegiance(s).

UPDATE: Below are links to direct downloads.

Before you download, keep in mind that these are over 200 MB each. Then, right-click > "save link as" > change the file extension to .flv. Enjoy.

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